Increase the engagement of your facebook page

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Increase the Engagement of a Facebook Page

Increase the Engagement of a Facebook Page is an online course that helps you learn in less than one hour what you can do to immediately improve a declined Facebook reach & engagement

Improve your Facebook Page

Do you experience a constant declined Facebook Engagement? Do your Page Fans look inactive and never engage with your posts anymore?


You are not alone.


For the past years, Page Owners have been coming to me asking why their Facebook Page doesn’t work anymore and fewer people seem to interact or even see the content they post.


Most of them blame Facebook Algorithm. And although indeed the algorithm has almost killed the organic reach of a page, this doesn’t mean you should continue doing what you do if you see no result. Quite the opposite, actually.


You want to take the maximum out of your Facebook Page, not only to better promote your brand but to connect with the people matter to you most. And you can’t do this if they don’t see your content.


On almost every Facebook Page Audit I run, I notice some repeating patterns. Some mistakes every non-professional page owner makes. And this leads to less interaction and eventually zero engagement with the page’s community. 


This is the reason I created this course. To show you in simple, easy, and practical ways some specific steps you can take immediately to start seeing better results.


I have packed here the most usual mistakes I encounter every time I run a Page Audit. And every time my students implement what I suggest, they start seeing tangible results. These instructions can now be found in this Course. And you can complete it in less that one hour.


This minimum investment can help you reactivate your Page with all the benefits you can have from this!


The help you will get from this Course ✅

In less than one hour, you will learn how to:


🔥Increase the engagement of your Facebook Page

🔥Optimise the Content of the Page

🔥Reactivate Facebook Page Fans

🔥Learn new ways to create fresh and organic Content

🔥Reach new people


This is pretty much everything I advice almost every Page Owner to improve in order to start seeing results again!


What is included in this Course

➡️ Learn everything you need in less than one hour!


➡️ The slides I use, free for download


➡️ Q&A section, where we can also have a discussion regarding Social Media & Content Optimisation


➡️ Access in a Private Facebook Group full of premium optimisation material


➡️ 24/7 access


➡️ Udemy’s official Certification of Completion


➡️ 30 days money back guarantee – no questions asked!




money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


You can enrol to the course and if you don’t find it satisfied, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.


There are no questions asked, meaning we won’t email you trying to make you change your mind about having this. We believe this is fair and want to make sure that you get the quality you are paying for.


The Sections of the Course

There are 3 simple parts for the Course: 

Part 1:


Part 2: 

The 5 steps to take to immediately improve the performance of your Facebook Page

Part 3:



The platform we use is Udemy, which is one of the most trusted and well – known learning platforms in the world. 

Enroll Now!

If you want to…

 Quickly optimise your Facebook Page

 See more likes, reach and engagement coming

✅ Have a more active community

✅ Improve the reach of the Page, meaning more people can find you

✅ Drop the costs of your ads since you will have more active fans and engaging content

Then you definitely want to check the course “Increase the Engagement of your Facebook Page”!

See immediate, tangible results in less than one hour, for just €29.99!

Maria Papadouri

Instructor: Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I help entrepreneurs, family business owners and freelancers to build their online image using Social Media. 

I provide Social Media private lessons and I create simple, practical and daily Social Media Tips that anyone can implement into their strategy.

My goal is to educate people to feel confident and share what they love on Social Media. This is the key to have beautiful and high valued Content.